Site Investigation

Site investigation 1.

What is it?

The type of Site Investigation required will depend upon the ground conditions present and the development proposed. Investigations come in three parts; the collecting of site data, the testing of material and the evaluation of the results. Contractors often offer the first two parts. However, the third part is more difficult to obtain and so is quietly forgotten, resulting in a conservative and therefore more costly design.

There are many methods of Site Investigation. At Abbeydale BEC we regularly use trial pits, window sampling, dynamic probing, cable percussive boreholes, openhole drilling and rotary coring. Soakaway testing and gas and groundwater monitoring can also be carried out when required.

Site investigation 2.

Why do we do it?

A lot of the time we are asked to do Site Investigations to meet regulatory requirements. This is not the only reason for a Site Investigation.

As experienced developers know, a lot of time and money can be lost if the ground conditions are not known. The expense of having an earthworks, foundations or drainage contractor stood because the ground conditions were not as expected, can far outweigh the cost of a Site Investigation.

Depending on what type of Site Investigation is undertaken the Environmental, Mining, Suitability of Reuse of Site Materials, Soakaways & SUDS, Flood Risk, Gas Monitoring, Founding Conditions and Stability of the Ground and Slope can all be assessed. At Abbeydale BEC we like to provide a report which is not long winded, but clearly explains the ground conditions which are both readable and understandable for the developer, financier, insurer, regulator, and lets not forget the site agent and sub contract foreman who have to build it.

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