What is it?

Reporting 1.

An Abbeydale BEC report is a document which details the aspect of a specific investigation or study undertaken.

Reports produced by Abbeydale BEC fulfil many requirements, accurately presenting the scientific findings of a site investigation, satisfying planning requirements, and suggesting suitable methods of development are just a few.

Many site investigation contractors provide a factual assessment of the ground conditions present. Abbeydale BEC standard reports consider the ground conditions identified from the desk study and site work to provide engineering and environmental solutions to the conditions found.

Where required, reporting can be extended to include slope stability, flood risk assessment and determining founding types and depths required for individual structures.

Drawing upon varied and comprehensive experience within the field Abbeydale BEC are able to provide concise and accurate reports, written in language that can be understood by any of the clients.

Reporting 2.

Why do you need it?

A detailed and accurate report will prove its worth many times over, a good report can highlight potential problems before construction, where as, a problem not identified early on can become a great cost.

A report can be used by structural engineers to design cost effective foundations specific to the site ground conditions, which may otherwise have over engineered as a precautionary (and expensive) measure.

Many Local Authorities stipulate as a matter of course, that a desk study report is required for any new development, the findings of the desk study findings are used to assess the requirement for a site investigation.

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