Desk Study

Desk study 1.

What is it?

Desk Studies come in many forms. At their most basic they are an electonic directory of what is recorded in a database, highlighting potential problems but giving few solutions. At the other extreme are desk studies which take months to produce, and accordingly cost the earth.

At Abbeydale BEC we like to produce a Desk Study as the first stage of Site Investigation to evaluate the anticipated geology, history and environmental conditions on and within the immediate vicinity of the site.

As well as Environment Agency and Coal Authority Searches, Landmark, British Geological Survey (BGS) maps, sheet memoirs, historical maps and Ordnance Survey maps, at Abbeydale BEC we have our own valueable collection of information we can access from our GIS system.

Why do we use it?

Desk study 2.

Desk Studies are an important tool for any Site Investigation, as they give the Site Investigation Engineers an idea of what to expect when they arrive on site.

A Desk Study, coupled with a site Walkover Survey, is used to evaluate which investigation technique is suitable for a particular site, without this, valuable time and money can be wasted by employing unsuitable or unnecessary investigation methods.

Local Authority Planners normally request a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment as part of any Outline Application. As there is usually very little extra work required, at Abbeydale BEC we like to provide an Engineering Assessment as a standard part of our Desk Study reports.

Unless the site has no development history, it is usually the requirement of the Planners and other regulatory authorities to request a site investigation report in order to obtain Full Planning Approval.

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